What causes pain with your joints?

What is the cause of your pain?

There are many causes of joint problems and any joint in your body can be affected.

Knee, shoulder, back, foot, ankles, arms and other joints all have associated problems and symptoms. Some of these can be easily treated, while others that may be signs of more serious problems.

Arthritis is the most common cause of joint problems though individuals who are very active many experience joint problems from muscle and ligament related issues. There are about 200 different musculoskeletal conditions. Arthritis is a term used by doctors to describe inflammation within a joint, while rheumatism is a more general term that is used to describe aches and pains in or around the joints. Because there are many possible causes of these pains doctors don’t often use the term rheumatism and will usually refer to these problems either by a specific diagnosis or according to the part of the body affected.

Doctors sometimes use the term ‘musculoskeletal conditions’ or ‘the rheumatic diseases’ to refer to a whole range of conditions that affect the joints.