Pain and inflammation

Both positive ions (cations), and negative ions (anions), occur naturally in the air and have historically had a relative balance in nature. However, the environment we live in today has far more sources of positive ions than in the past, creating an electrical imbalance in the air and in our bodies.

Cations are produced by machines and technology: Computers,televisions, airplanes, refrigerators and cars; heating unit sand air-conditioners saturate homes, offices, and other indoor environments with cations. They are also called free radicals. Free radicals (cations), are active forms of oxygen and can be produced by:  Electrical Discharge from high-voltage network, heating and cooling systems; TVs, radio transmitters, radar systems, computers, exhaust and cigarette fumes, smog, radiation along with harmful chemicals and toxins. Cations can damage cells and are believed to be one reason for deteriorating our physical and emotional well being and have a role in the aging process and instigating cancer.

Anions counter the exhausting effect of cations – and they have also been found to be profoundly helpful to the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems, mood enhancement and more.