How to use Tourmaline products

1. First clean the tourmaline pad and the area of skin which will come into contact with the pad. Keep it slightly damp. Then apply to your back. The support must be in direct skin contact!

2. After approximately 15-30 minutes you will feel a heating / acupuncture sensation.

3. The length time of treatment depends on the patient’s ability to bear the sensation. We recommend that you wear this 2-3hours per day. The application time can be broken down into 1-3 times a day.

4. During use, it’s normal to cause a sensation of heat or burning. You can remove it anytime should you feel overwhelmed by the sensation. There is NO need to worry about this burning your skin, remember it is a sensation, in an acupuncture type manner.

5. Along with the adaptability of your body, the sensation will become less intense and it will take longer for the sensation of heat to act, but the physical therapy and its benefits will not reduce.