The Company, BlueStone Health Products (BSHP Pty), was started by wife and husband team, Ina and Corné van der Walt, to provide a range of products that act as natural anti-inflammatory agents for people suffering from neck and back pain conditions.

Ina is a qualified physiotherapist with a special interest in myofascial and free electron healing methods and in sharing this knowledge and the tools for treatment with others in her profession and in the wider general market place.

Corné is the technical and engineering specialist and also takes a keen interest in the development and marketing of these innovative solutions. He is also working on the development of software solutions for patient treatment history recording for use by physiotherapists to save time and improve their efficiency in this element of their practice.


Our company logo symbolises freedom of movement through the free electron process. With the stages of healing being represented by the colours in the circle – red for inflammation moving through orange (less pain and inflammation), yellow (still less pain and inflammation) to grey (stabilised) and finally to blue meaning fully fit and pain free.


The “Bluestone” brand name also signifies the use of a valuable gemstone being used to promote healing. Blue is the colour of health.